The Share Community

Building Community for Vet Cost Sharing and No Dog Down

The Share Community

SHARE is a non-profit sharing community helping to pay for emergency vet services in our effort to end the economic euthanasia of our pet dogs.

We have launched our No Dog Down Fundraising Campaign!


Why we need SHARE

Its a fact that hundreds of thousands of dogs are euthanized each year when their family can’t afford to pay for life-saving emergency vet services. Tens of millions more dog guardians would be hard pressed financially in a life-threatening canine emergency to immediately pay for the vet care of their beloved companions.

Today, less than 3% of pets in the US are covered by pet health insurance. The reason is that the annual cost of that insured benefit is way too much in the eyes of the family and the slow cumbersome reimbursement model is ancient and non-sense.

We believe you should not have to worry about finances when your best friend is in need of emergency medical services whether for an injury from an accident or the acute onset of some unexpected physical condition. Our community wants to help you through this difficult time in your life and the life of your dog. 

There are nearly 90 million pet dogs

 in the US but less than 3% of owners buy pet health insurance for their dogs. That leaves over 85 million dog owners without some way to pay for expensive emergency care when it is needed.

When we as dog owners are faced with a major medical concern for our pet requiring emergency surgery or immediate lifesaving treatment costing up to thousands of dollars or more and we have no hefty bank account, we are left to put debt on a credit card, or make frantic phone calls to our family and friends, or launch time-consuming pet crowdfunding campaigns which are likely too late to help.

Economic euthanasia puts an emotional burden on our veterinarians as well. Our vets love our dogs as much as we do and the last thing they want to be is an "undertaker", but they are not an insurance company either. Our veterinarians cannot afford the risk of providing an expensive emergency procedure if they are not going to be able to recoup their costs of the care.

The SHARE Community supports our vets through an advanced payment platform that aggregates the needed funds and provides proof they are available for payment. This gives the vet the confidence that they will be paid as soon as the procedure is completed at the amount agreed to through the SHARE App.

We expect the SHARE Community

can resolve this problem through the development of a canine health cost sharing community that is affordable for everyone with the fewest limitations to our needs and immediate payment to our veterinarians for the love and care they provide to our best friends and companions.

Please register into the community above or below through the mobile app. Once inside, you can become an active member of the SHARE community. Share your comments and ideas with the community.

The more activity we have interacting with each other, the more effective we will be at caring for ourselves and our pets without the middleman who takes the profits away from the funds needed to pay for our pets' care. 

We are actively developing SHARE chapters in each state where we will be looking for people who wish to be our State Directors and build their teams to manage the process in their state.

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